Monday, January 23, 2012

NICE Site: The Nicest Place on the Internet

Originally I had thought I'd just post something on here and not mention the fact that I haven't blogged since November 1, but I know I can't sneak anything past you guys. Things have been kind of nutso for me over the last few months. Using this handy flowchart, I've realized that I need to make a change.

Oh, I'm happy, don't get me wrong. But there is one area of my life that I'd like to improve. My career. And ever since October, I've been dabbling in some new arenas that I'm super excited about! Really time-consuming new arenas. :) So while I've been exploring these opportunities, other areas of my life (like this blog and cleaning and grocery shopping) have suffered. But I haven't forgotten about you all! I'm just trying to get myself to a good place.

Speaking of good places, have you all seen The Nicest Place on the Internet? Any time I'm feeling overwhelmed because I'm working all day and going home and working all night (sounds so glamorous, doesn't it?) I launch this site and soak it all in for a little while.

I've been wanting to submit a hug of my own, so if you see a nerdy girl wearing pink bunny ears on there, well that's just me.


Adorably Dead said...

That is an awesome website! Totally brightened my day.

Also, I hope you get to your better place. *hugs*

Glad you're posting again!

Thoughfully Inspired said...

Thank you so much for posting this website, I love it!

Katy_Potaty said...

So glad you're back, baby!

yaga said...

Haha, I totally know that dilemma! Wishing you all the best in pursuing your dreams!!

Maria said...

Hey there! How is it's been a couple of months since your last entry...I am so happy about something. I wanted to tell you. I have been using Internet Explorer for awhile and lately switched to Google is so much faster...just saying. Sending you some hugs!!!! and Smilies...Maria from Seattle.