Tuesday, November 1, 2011

TEDxPhilly winner!

Before I announce the winner of the TEDxPhilly giveaway, I just wanted to mention that this past weekend I went to see TEDxMidAtlantic in DC. It was phenomenal. It's amazing to listen to these presenters who are so passionate about changing the world. One of the themes I picked up on was that we shouldn't really complain about the state of affairs unless we're prepared to work towards change. It's easy to trash talk opposing viewpoints, but unless we're actually doing something about it, that talk is pointless.

So many of the presenters showed their creative solutions to various challenges. Jay Parkinson realized that a visit to the doctor didn't have to be a painful experience. Luis von Ahn discovered a way to get YOU to help digitize books using captchas and also translate the internet by allowing you to learn a language for free.

Ready for #TEDxMid!!

They also showed a video about a project called, A Liter of Light, which was incredible. So many homes in developing countries are dark, even during the middle of the day. A plastic bottle filled with water and some bleach is a simple, innovative solution to this problem. Remarkable.

I left feeling inspired and motivated. I want to change the world. I don't want to just sit in my chair and do nothing. I want to make an impact.

And I know that TEDxPhilly is going to be just as wonderful of an experience. Soooooo, who will be joining me?? Well, thanks to the Random Integer Generator, response number 15 is the winner!

And that is Ellie Brown! Congrats Ellie! I have a coupon code for you to use when registering, which I'll email to you! And thanks so much to everyone who entered. Your responses made me really happy to live in the Philadelphia area. :)

Also, thanks to the folks at TEDxPhilly for offering up this registration! You all are amazing and I really can't wait for November 8th!



No conocía esta iniciativa. Me ha encantado, así que ahora mismo me cojo la imagen,
Un beso

Nancy said...

That is so true that there is no point talking if you aren't willing to do something to change the problem. I want ideas that I can act on!