Thursday, September 15, 2011

NICE Testimonial: A Lost Shoe

This week is FLYING by. I have been non-stop busy lately. I don't think I mentioned this here, but I'm going to be one of the presenters at next Thursday's Ignite Philly! Very exciting. I'll be talking about Operation NICE and how it relates to Philadelphia. Well, I still have to write it and develop the slides (thank goodness it's only 5 minutes), but I'm sure it'll be awesome! ;) I actually had a nightmare last night that I was at the event with no presentation. So I furiously worked in Powerpoint as the other speakers were on stage. Stressed much??

Well, I'm sure my stress is nothing compared to Stephanie of The Spotted Monkey, who submitted this testimonial. She certainly has her hands full!

SpottedmonkeyI have three children three years of age and under. Life can get a little harried at times, especially when I am out and about with the kids.

On Monday I took the kids to the mall to pick up a few things. My husband works shift, so I was flying solo as he didn't finish work until 4am. The outing was going very smoothly and all had been accomplished. So we headed for the parking lot. Unfortunately, somewhere between the middle of the mall and the parking lot, all three of my kids started crying. The youngest, six months old, is teething and encountered some major discomfort. My two year old son was hungry, and, as so often happens at that age, broke down in tears because his snack was in the van. And my oldest, who is three and a half, became upset because she was not able to have a Nemo ride in the mall due to teething and hunger.

Needless to say, getting through the parking lot and to the van was quite the production. Add several parcels on top of that and my hands were full.

We made it to the van and I loaded each of the kids in. When I put my son in his car seat, I noticed he was missing one of his shoes. I didn't know where he lost it and I didn't think the kids and I would be up to going back in and trying to find it. Let alone trying to determine where the shoe was lost.

As I am standing at the van weighing my options, a woman approached. She walked up to me, said hello and handed me my son's shoe, stating 'you may be looking for this'. I was stunned. She saw where my son's shoe had dropped and rather than trying to interject with three screaming kids, she simply followed me all the way out to my van to ensure I got the shoe. She then said, 'don't let these kind of moments overshadow your whole day'.

I thanked her over and over for the shoe and the encouragement. I was so surprised that I did not even ask her her name. But her kindness stayed with me. And that was the best gift of all.

Sounds like that woman must also be a mother. :) She not only helped out by returning the shoe, but she empathized with Stephanie's situation. Sometimes, when in high stress situations, we all just need to hear that things will be alright! It will be, right?!

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Erin said...

Great story!!
And, yes, everything will be alright. :)

Hana said...

LOVE this story - there aren't enough people like that around. True treasures. As a Mama of 3 girls three and under, I can totally appreciate how much this would have meant. H xo

SSEWARD said...

I saw your presentation at Ignite Philly tonight. Your compassion is inspiring and I appreciate what you're doing. Scott

Melissa said...

Thanks so much Scott! I had such a great time, despite being booed for living in Jersey. ;) I really appreciate your support!

hcg said...

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Anonymous said...

I loved the story until the comment that the woman must be a mother.... I'm not a mother but I'm considerate enough to do the same thing... and I have.

some people don't need to have kids to figure out how to be kind to people with kids.