Monday, January 11, 2010

NICE Assignment: Mail a Card to a Stranger

NICE Assignment
Did you guys have a good weekend? I'm so proud of myself. I cleaned without having to be nagged by my husband. It's a miracle! Or at least, I'm sure he sees it that way. But like I said, I need to be a better wife this year, and destroying my neat and orderly husband's home with my habitual pile-making is NOT being a very nice wife.

I have a fun assignment for this week, but I can't take credit for it. The idea came from Felicity, who was one of the Australian flower distributors from last month. She sent me an email a few weeks ago that said, "I have a stack of Christmas cards left over that I know I won’t use so I plan to randomly pick names out of the phone book and send them to people. I will explain that it’s a gesture of niceness that was inspired by your website. It’s just the thought that one person might be having the worst day possible, thinking no one cares… it gives me hope to think that one act CAN change someone’s life."

Today's Assignment: Mail a Card to a Stranger

I have so many notecards in my home. Not only do I have a plethora of leftover melissahead cards, but I also can't help but buy cute ones when I see them. So what if I took a card (or two, or three) and sent them out to strangers. Just as a hello. Just to brighten their day. I'm actually not quite sure I have a phone book handy. I remember receiving one a few months ago and thinking, "Who the heck still uses a phone book?" But I could always pick a random last name and search What do you think? Will it freak someone out? If it were me, I'd love to receive anything other than a bill in the mail.

So who wants to help me out with a surprise snail mail blitz of kindness?

EDIT: Blogger Undercover Mama left me a comment with a link to the Random Name Generator, which is perfect if you're looking for a stranger to mail a card to! Thanks for the recommendation!


Tori said...

Your blog is inspiring. As is your 160 pages blog. I like them and I wanted to thank you for them. So, thank you :)

Melissa said...

Thank you Tori! That's so sweet of you to say! :)

Ellen (Tracy) Smith said...

What a great idea! One of my goals for the new year was to send a handwritten note/card to someone each month. This fits in perfectly. Not to mention it's a great way to use up all the random cards. Thank you for sharing!

Undercover Mama's said...

Hi, we are newbies here and cant wait to jump in and join the fun!

"We" are 2 best friends, mothers, one married, one single mom...whose goal for 2010 is to get creative and focus on others. So with that we started a random kindness blog to tell of all of our exciting adventures!!

Today we went to to get our random addresses and realized that we needed to type in a name to get an address. Not wanting to make a bad name choice I found an online name generator that gives you a first and last name.

Just thought this could help with this weeks challenge!

Thanks for such a positive and encouraging site for us to take part in!

Undercover Mama's @UndercoverKindness.blogspot

Operation Smiley Face said...

Hmmmm Melissa, you've just given me an idea. I make and send (free of charge) Smiley Pins via my blog. Maybe I'll combine your idea and send a card and a pin to a stranger. Yeah, I think I'll do that. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

shouldhavezagged said...

Check out -- it has the names and addresses of people who are into this same idea. I've used it a couple of times. I used to use but that seems to be defunct now. If you list your own name and address you might get a surprise in the mail!

Viewtiful_Justin said...

I love this idea!

Melissa said...

Awesome! Thanks for the Random Name Generator! That's perfect!

And Sacha, I'm going to definitely look into :) I love the concept!

Amy said...

i did this last year before i moved! i had a huge stack of blank cards, so i drew some images, wrote some notes, picked out random names from the phone book, and sent them away! i think i sent about 30 random cards, i just hope i made at least one of those 30 people's day!

Melissa said...

I'm sure you did, Amy! That's wonderful!

Cat said...

i love this idea! I'm thinking about using this idea to send cards to my 'name twins' (people with the same name as me: "Catherine Wood" ... there are LOTS of them!) maybe I'll congratulate them on having such a great name! (hah!)

Melissa said...

Haha! Cat that's such a fun idea!!

~Shari said...

Cat and Melissa!! I just did the same thing - except I found someone with MY first (spelling), middle AND maiden name, (I can still keep my anonimity).
Won't she be surprised.

Cat said...

Wow Shari! That's crazy!!

Joanna said...

Seems like you are catching on! From Post Secret:

Cynthia B. Demented said...

I don't know if you heard about this website but allows you to easily send postcard to random people anyone on the planet (and also receive postcards from around the globe :D)

How does it works?
1. Request an address and a Postcard ID
2. Mail the postcard to that address
3. Receive a postcard from another postcrosser!
4. Register the Postcard ID you have received
5. Go to number 1 to receive more postcards!