Thursday, September 4, 2008

NICE Stuff: Tees for Change

I'm still catching up on all my emails from when I was away, and I found one from Cathe over at Feterie with a link from Tees for Change.

Tees for Change is NICE on so many levels! Just check out their mission:

Our mission is to inspire you to live life with passion, purpose and positivity. We believe that practicing mindfulness and loving kindness throughout daily life can enhance our whole being - body, mind and spirit. Our eco-friendly tees are proof that you can choose to look good, do good and feel good, all at the same time.

And you know what else?? They've partnered with Trees for the Future to plant a tree for every tee or onesie purchased! So not only are you buying a sweatshop-free, fair trade, organic, comfortable and super cute tee, but you're sponsoring the planting of a tree at the same time.

I'm going to pick up the Practice Kindness tee because it really emphasizes the purpose of this site. (Not to mention the fact that it's in eggplant, which is totally the color of the season!)

So please, visit Tees for Change and support a business with such a positive influence on the world!


Mary said...

Great t-shirts! Looks like a great company, too. I'm putting this on my list of places to go for Christmas gifts.

Patricia said...

I think you should open your own Zazzle store or something like that w/operation nice wear.

live*happy said...

I love the "choose happiness" tees. I like the idea that we have a choice when it comes to being happy.

And the onesies are too super cute!

Pumpkin Petunia said...

Oh, a zazzle store is a great idea!

I'm ordering the stay strong tee for my good friend battling breast cancer. I know nothing can break her spirit, but everyone needs a reminder now and then. Thanks for the link!

Cathe said...

Glad to share! Don't you just love the shirts? I have the one that says, "Embrace Change" but it doesn't seem to be on their shop anymore.

Melissa said...

Hmm, I did win a screen printing kit last year. I wonder if I could figure out how to use it and make up some "I'M VERY NICE" shirts.